J-Rock cosplay defile
The category implies the demonstration of jrock or visual kei images (only japanese artists).

Alternative cosplay defile (EAST)
The category implies the demonstration of asian pop on-stage personas images (j-, k-, c-, thai-pop and idols).

Alternative cosplay defile (WEST)
The category implies the demonstration of western pop artists images, whose are similar to visual key line (Marilyn Manson, Lady Gaga, Boy George, Rupaul, any drag queen and so on).

Street fashion defile
The participant of this category should be dressed in a japanese street style costume. It must be any direction of street style: mori, dolly-kei, gyaru, manba, decora and so on. Gothic/Cyber goth images are also included in this category, but we are asking you to rely on japanese brands and magazines in creating of your costume. You can use homemade or store-bought costume.

Original costume defile
The category implies the demonstration of original visual style image. Cyber esthetics are also included. The costume had to be complex and well-designed.


  1. The participation in a defile category implies the streaming of your video via YouTube channell of the Convention.
  2. Video must contain:
  • Greeting the viewers (duration <30sec)
  • Defile in costume (demonstration of your costume, duration <1min)
  1. You can use the brand new costume or previously featured at any other festival costume.
  2. Only 1-3 persons may appear on your video.
  3. All the entries are selected and approved by the organisers of the Convention. All participants have a chance to be awarded with Audience Choice Award by the voting among viewers.
  4. Send the e-mail with your entry to aziastreet@gmail.com. Please state the category title in the e-mail subject
    (for example: «J-Rock Cosplay defile (single)»)

ENTRY FORM (The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are obligatory)

1. Band name or singer’s name (if this is a solo project)
2. Your nickname, surname and name
2.1 The name of your cosplay band
2.2 City
2.3 Communication method
3. The photo of real band/singer (from field 1* of this form) whose image you’re going to use
4*. Video

  • Horizontal resolution only
  • mp4, mov, mkv, avi
  • Upload your video to cloud storage
    Please remember that all videos must have the required duration.